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International Dimension In School Awards 2019-2022


Our Mission

  • To provide a safe secure and joyous learning experience for students.
  • To adhere to high benchmarks while providing well rounded contemporary education to every student.
  • To create a structured, vibrant, peaceful workplace for teachers to teach and learn.
  • To work with Parents in understanding and overcoming the limitations and build on the strengths of every child.

Anantha Vidyaniketana is built on the foundation that every child is equally capable of achieving his/her potential. We acknowledge the fact that children have multiple intelligences and talents and not all can be measured in the same yardstick or put in to the same mould. We seek to provide holistic character building education and prepare them for life and the challenges it has to offer. It seeks to mould the children into caring socially responsible citizens with a mindset to learn continously through out their lives and grow positively in mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects throughout their lives.

The motto of the school Endless Growth.. is representative of this aspect of the school.